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We understand there are lots of things to consider before you’re ready to escape to the tranquil setting of your new sunroom.

Check out some of our most frequently asked questions below.

Seaton Sunrooms
All of our Sunrooms are assembled right here in Windsor Essex County...at our Factory & Showroom, located at 4600 Rhodes Drive.
Most pads do not meet the code as a foundation. 42" x 48" pad or pier foundation system are required for any unit attached to a home. Some existing decks can be used with very little modification, sometimes just small adjustments will be all that is needed.
We work with fantastic companies for cement work and electrical. Seaton Sunrooms will absolutely build your pressure treated or vinyl deck. We can also install a full floor for your sunroom ready to be finished off with carpet, tile, or laminate flooring.
Yes. All additions to the home will require a permit.
If the deck is there already it will take 1 - 3 days for a 3 Season Sunroom to be installed after fabrication is complete. If we have to build a full footing and foundation you should allow two extra days.
Yes. Actually they are best in a Three Season Sunroom as most people do not require the room to be heated for spa use. Keeping the spa vapours away from the interior of the home is a great idea and lets you use your hot tub much more than if it were located outside.